AtoZ Concept

Managing Businesses and Investors.


       AtoZ Concept is a company, who is doing different businesses and getting investments from investors to expland and/or start new businesses. They have different packages in which investors are investing and then the company the returning profits to investors based on package conditions. They want to manage their businesses and investors relation and activities into a software. They need a fully functional software where they could manage their businesses activities as well as investors could be able to put investments, see their investments etc. The software contains the Management side where the management of AtoZ concept could perform different operations like Adding/updating/removing member, managing businesses, adding multiple management users, verifiying members, etc. The software also contains the investors side where they could put investment into packages, track their investments, get withdraw, etc.


       The company is now able to manage their investors and management members as well as can perform different management and investors operation through software like getting new members, withdraw, investment etc.

What I have Learned

  • I have built a large scale React app
  • Learned to Understand the business context

Tools & Technologies

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Redux
  • Firebase

Live Demo:   

Project Type:    Client


Source:    Direct Contract