Heinrich's Ghana Ltd.

An Ecommerce Store


       Heinrich's Ghana Ltd is a collection of different stores in Ghana which were selling different Heinrich's products locally. They want to sell their products online as well. They need a fully functional e-commerce store to do that. The e-commerce store contains the products, they could have variations or not, compare products, wish list, cart, checkout, login/signup, orders management. The admin side contains the sales, purchase, team management, permissions, statistics, add, edit, delete products. The company can now use this software for online sales as well as offline sales. Worked as a Full-stack web Developer as well as a UI and UX Designer. I have used JavaScript, React, Redux, and Firebase to complete this project.


       The company is now able to make sales online via its website as well as offline. They are now able to manage their products, reports, sales, purchases, teams in one place, they don't need to worry about calculations, reports because it's handled by the software. Their business is also expanding due to the online store.

What I have Learned

  • I have built a large scale React app
  • Learned to Understand the business context

Tools & Technologies

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Redux
  • Firebase

Live Demo:   

Project Type:    Client


Source:    Direct Contract